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• Meeting of the National Forest Inventory in August 2103 • Cabinda Expo 2013, Edition 1 - International Fair of Cabinda in May 2013
• International Economic Forum of Entrepreneurship in May 2013 • New port dock on the deep waters of the ocean
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Cabinda, a province of Angola, led by the Governor Aldina Matilde da Lomba, assisted by vice-governors, including Macario Lembe in charge of the economy, under the leadership of Engineer José Eduardo Do Santos, President of the Republic, most recently hosted Cabinda Expo 2013, an international fair in the first edition, in which was organized an Economic Forum Entrepreneurship and most recently, otherwise, just yesterday, the National Meeting of the Forest Inventory. Several guests and experts are invited. In Africa and the world.

The International Fair of Cabinda, known as "Cabinda Expo 2013", according to ANGOP Angolan News Agency, scheduled 100 exhibitors presented their achievements, businesses and services in the following sectors: Oil, Construction, Agro- industry, ports, transport and logistics, food processing, tourism, education and training.

Just ... one wonders if the evaluations are treated around results which has set the fair in phase "After Fair."

As said above, a forum on the socio-economic development was also held in Cabinda Expo 2013, which was its first edition, and bringing together entrepreneurs from various fields: Oil, Construction, Agro-industry, ports, transport and logistics, food processing, tourism, education and training, who traded on options to take for a full development of the province. Five themes are discussed: "customs and tax bonds in the province of Cabinda, Impact of social responsibility of oil companies in the process of development of Cabinda, energy and water and their impact on the development of Cabinda, Transport and development of effective Cabinda, Development Plan of the province of Cabinda. "

The RNIF (National Meeting of Forest Inventory), meanwhile, is to identify, with the help of the IDF (Forest Development Institute) all forest resources Cabinda for sustainable management of the forestry sector.

Finally, Cabinda, it is also a new port quay laid on the ocean - which, in principle, is a project to build a port 18 km, which will provide the province and the country independence vis-à-vis the Port of Pointe Noire, which will allow boats to neighboring countries, landlocked.
Here's how and how Cabinda province in the Republic of Angola continues to inspire, influence, stimulate more savings, more government, more than one province, more than one State Central and Southern Africa! Note that private initiatives in Cabinda enjoy an Angolan support policy and guidance.

As a reminder, the Cabinda account + / 280 000 inhabitants living in 7,283 km ². And the Province of oil, Cabinda, also has a line IATA airport code. Its oil, mostly operated by the American company, Chevron Oil represents 60% of Angola's oil production. It also includes gas, potash, phosphates, manganese, iron, diamond and gold. Population reflects a more conscientious driving, following a long period of internal wars, recently released. Reconstruction of the country and the province is largely provided by the Chinese cooperation. Cabinda, Central and Southern Africa inspires!
(By Didier VEKA)


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* Rencontre Nationale de l’Inventaire Forestier en Août 2103
* Cabinda Expo 2013, Edition1– Foire Internationale de Cabinda en Mai 2013
* Forum International Economique d l’Entrepreneuriat en Mai 2013
* Nouveau Quai portuaire sur les eaux profondes de l’Océan
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